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Re-felting your pool table with the team in Perth

Our professional service technicians are proficient at re-felting antique, modern, European, and American pool tables. We offer you a choice of felt materials in a variety of colours to help you match the décor of the room where the table will be located. You can select a specific re-felting fabric that will support your desire for table speed, accuracy, and overall performance of the playing surface. We stand behind all of our pool table re-felting fabrics.

We will generally transport 7 & 8 feet tables and our moving specialists do not do the refelting. That is left for our refelting technician. Our technician will refelt most standard 7 & 8 feet tables (single slate standard) pool tables on a case by case basis so it is best to contact us first with details of yu

Our highly trained and experienced pool table refelt technician can perform a pre-inspection to assess the quality and potential defects of the pool table felt, the pockets and the cushions. We will examine the table cloth, rails, cushions, pockets, cabinet construction, and the table slates. To complete the installation of the pool table covering, we will need to disassemble the table rail and pocket areas. If you are thinking about re-cushioning the pool table rails, we recommend that you have this work done while the rails are disassembled for the re-felting. This will save you the need and expense of re-felting the table again when you want to re-cushion the table rails.

Please note: If the felt has a stain or a tiny scratch (e.g. from a cat, from moving) you cannot patch this one bit, the whole table needs to be refelted. So many customers don’t know this 

Out With the Old, In With the New

Once the replacement area is ready for the new material, we remove the old felt and staples, prepare the slate play surface for the new covering, install the new felt on the slate bed and rails, and repair the slate seam treatments. To ensure your re-felting cloth will give you years of enjoyable surface playing, our specialists discuss the care and maintenance of your pool table surface with you.

New pool table felt binging it back to life

Felt Materials

  • We recommend standard woollen felt as this is what is most popular in Australia including in pubs. It has a nap which slows the ball down yes as this is popular in English pool (which is played in Australia) and snooker
  • We generally use an English brand called Mitchell MC500 which is 100% wool fully napped cloth. It is quality, affordable and durable.
  • We can get in custom designs: Palko FSW, various Strachan, Hainsworth, Jack Daniel’s, Jim Beam, Mitchel MC400 napless, AFL, NRL, Simonis 760, Simonis 860, Simonis 860 HR.

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