Piano Moving Tips

Best Ways to Transport & Store Your Piano

Piano Moving Tips
To prepare for your piano removal, we've put together our piano moving ​tips to ensure your instrument remains undamaged.

Piano Placement

It is recommended you place an upright piano against an internal wall. We also recommend:

  1. Avoiding direct sunlight from windows and other sources of light
  2. Avoiding air conditioners, heater etc where there is a significant change of temperature
  3. For more tips please see this guide


A piano is best placed on a soft surface such as carpet, rugs or mats. It is also acceptable to place it on hard floors to keep it in tune (please see our piano tuning services for more information).

It is advised that you put some sort of protection under the wheels of a piano if you are storing it (or transporting it) on a hard surface. Because pianos are so heavy, they can indent hard surfaces over time.

Steps & Stairs

If you have steps or stairs in either the pickup or dropoff location, please specify this when booking a piano move. Often we can get around this by going down the side of a house.

Transporting Other Related Items 

Transporting stools is free of charge. Piano rolls/cabinet (only in case of pianola) we MAY transport and it will be an additional cost. We do not shift any other items.

Piano Moving Insurance

Piano Removalists Perth are completely covered by damage to your piano or property. In the unlikely event that damage does occur, you are completely covered by insurance.

This is included in the cost of the removal.

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