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Moving and storing pool tables – that sounds pretty straightforward, right? But when you get to it, you’ll instantly realise it’s quite a challenge. That's why you need the right professionals who will do the job for you. Piano Removalists Perth is the number one choice when it's time for you to store your precious, delicate pool table.

We treat your pool tables how we treat ours. You can call us to disassemble the pool table for you or if you simply require storage space for it. Although not required, taking apart the pool table is highly recommended. 

Pool Table in Room

Pool tables are not lightweight, usually ranging from 226.8 to 544.3 kg. The playing surface right below the felt is made of slate, the material that promises the best gameplay experience. The downside, though, is that these slate pool tables are heavy and difficult to lift. How will you get it to your truck and drive it to a self-storage unit? Don't worry; we do removals as well. 

The Best Self Storage For Pool Tables

While it's true that slate does not warp, wood eventually will. Remember that your pool table has wood components, specifically the frame. Placing it in a climate-controlled environment gives you peace of mind. That's because you know that the table and its parts are not exposed to conditions that cause warping, fading, and cracking.

Why It's Smart to Store Your Pool Table with Us

You want a beautiful pool table in perfect condition even after many years of use. When you're going on holiday or simply plan to give the table a rest, you can't just leave this investment unattended in your house. And no, removing the legs and letting the table rest against the wall is an absolute no-no!

Pool Billiards Table

Whether it requires disassembling or it's already dismantled, Piano Removalists Perth can give you pool table storage service that makes financial sense for you. Whatever your need for storage may be, we're here to provide the most suitable solution for your situation.

Give your pool table the space it deserves. So, the next time you're ready to play, you can be sure you'll have it in great shape. Contact us to learn more about our pool table storage service.

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