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Specialist Piano Moving EquipmentHoist/Crane

At Piano Removalists Perth we are the only piano moving company in Perth (that we are aware of) that has a lifting hoist which can safely and securely lift up to 300kg 7 stories high. Our truck is also equipped with a small crane capable of lifting to a first story access at its new location.

Mechanical Stair Climbing Aid

This was purposely built and imported from Italy for the purpose of moving heavy pianos up and down stairs with comfort and ease. This makes the task of tedious of stair lifts and climbs a problem of the past. It also massively reduces the risk of something going wrong during the moving process.

Protective Covers & Purposely Designed Trolleys

Our purpose built trolleys and covers are designed and fitted to prevent any scratching of pianos and heavy items, and also the floors and walls of the moving areas.


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