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Pool Tables Removals Perth

Pool tables can be a very expensive, easy to damage item. For pool table removals in Perth and surrounding areas of Western Australia, we have specialist equipment that caters perfectly for the correct, safe and secure removal of your pool table.

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For Standard 7 and 8 Foot Pool Tables

  • We will remove the top from the base, and transport this via our custom-built trolleys to our custom-built van.
  • Then we will move the base to the van.
  • This will then be transported to the new address and if going to storage yes this will be wrapped in blankets and safely stowed.
  • At the new address, the pool table will be reassembled and re-levelled. The table is moved in 2 pieces: 1x the base, and 1x the top which consists of the felt and cushions and rails still connected to the one piece of slate.

For American 9 Ball Tables, 9-foot Tables, 10-foot Tables and 12-foot Tables

  • We will remove every staple from the felt, carefully roll up the felt, and securely move the felt to the van.
  • Then the cushions and rails will be removed as you can cause damage if moved in one piece (this doesn’t apply to standard 7 or 8-foot tables).
  • Then we will remove each individual piece of slate (for 9 balls and 9 feet tables = 3 pieces; 10 feet = 3-4 pieces; 12 feet = 5 pieces of slate) via our trolley to the van.
  • The base is then moved.
  • The table is then moved to the new location (again if in storage everything is wrapped in blankets and safely stowed). 
  • On reassembly, we bring every piece out (slate pieces, base, cushions, rails, pockets, felt).
  • Reassemble the table completely and re-level. This move can take half a day to a full day and therefore is priced accordingly.
Moving a pool table in Perth
Our pool table removers provide the extra touch of care to ensure your reassembled pool table retains its original integrity and beauty. 
Our professional staff have extensive experience with pool table removals Perth, whether it be an in-house relocation or address relocation.  No pool table is too big or heavy, and we have the ability to service all types and even preserve them properly when transporting to a storage facility. We do offer to move other people's storage but the liability is on them to pad and wrap appropriately. 

Our expert team of Pool Table Removalists in Perth will get the job done quickly and safely. All pool table removal jobs in Perth and WA are covered by 100% insurance, free of charge.

We take the utmost care in providing the most reliable and professional service possible.

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