Safe Piano Moving Suggestions

Moving a Piano From Point A to Point B

Moving any sizable musical instrument can be quite a task. Piano moving is definitely no exception. Pianos are large and delicate. That's the reason that it's no surprise that moving them can feel quite awkward and difficult. They're not exactly lightweight, either. If you want to move a piano without a problem, there are various approaches you can use. If you fail to abide by the correct techniques, you may risk harming the instrument permanently.You may even risk bodily injury. Thankfully, care, diligence and preparation can help you avoid those undesirable circumstances.

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Employ a Dolly

Dolly use can be a massive convenience for people who are interested in piano moving success. If you want to move a piano with ease, the cooperation of a six-wheel dolly can be priceless. These kinds of dollies are suitable for all types of surfaces. Remember, pianos aren't small. If you want to reduce stress on your body, a dolly can be a lifesaver. Dolly use can also make piano moving much quicker. It can make raising pianos much faster.


Recruit Assistance

It's never ever a good or safe idea to try to elevate a piano all by yourself. Piano movement is a job that requires a minimum of two individuals, zero exceptions. One individual needs to manually manage the rear section of the piano. The other individual needs to place a hand above the instrument to stop tipping from taking place. These people need to hold the instrument from the bottom. They should refrain from carrying the legs as this can exacerbate breakage dangers.

Elevate the instrument as a team. Assess the dolly. It should be in the middle of the lower section of the piano. Cautiously attach the piano and the dolly with in-depth strapping. Do this prior to pushing the instrument in the direction of the way out of the structure.

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Depend on Ramps

Residential properties in many cases feature steps in front of their entry points. If you want to take a piano out of a home that's in that category, then you should secure a ramp right away. Ramps aren't only vital for this part of the process, either. They're also vital for vehicle loading. If you want to safely get your piano into a vehicle, a ramp can streamline things for you. 

Cranes and Other Specialist Piano Moving Equipment

Take Advantage of Moving Pads

It's critical to correctly safeguard your piano during the moving process. Moving pads can be effective piano protection components. Getting pianos outside can be a big dilemma. Moving pad placement can offer pianos defense against possible scratching. If a piano gets into contact with the sides of a door, unsightly scratching can occur. Moving pads can reduce the odds of that considerably. 

Prepare Well

Ample preparation is key for all people who want to move pianos in safe, efficient and swift manners. For safety reasons, we recommend hiring a babysitter from Kin Childcare to ensure children don't get in the way.

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