Advice and Useful Information for Hiring Professional Piano Removalists

Whether your piano is a treasured family heirloom or will become one, it needs special care and attention when it is moved. Large or small, pianos are amongst the heaviest and most delicate of musical instruments. 

If not properly handled by professionals when moved, a piano can be scratched, cracked, damaged, or even destroyed beyond repair. Damage costs range from hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars.

Professional piano removalists have the training, knowledge and experience required for a successful moving task. They have skilled staff and all of the specialised equipment needed to effectively move a piano regardless of their size, shape, or weight. 

Locally Owned and Operated

 Ensure the company is a locally owned and operated business, with decades of dedicated, safe, and proficient piano movements, from concert grand pianos to spinets and all piano styles in between. They will need the necessary hands-on practical experience to understand the complexities and differences involved in transporting the various styles and sizes of pianos. This can be across a room, across the city, across long distances, up steps, down steps, around tight enclosures, and from one flight level to another. 

Custom Equipment 

Expensive, piano removal specific equipment is not available from truck rental companies for those who risk doing self-removal of a piano.

Provide the Right Information 

Having as much information as possible about what is involved when planning a piano removal can benefit both you and the piano removalists. 

When you call Piano Removalists Perth(08) 6244 4209to get your no-obligation, instant quote, there is information that we will need to know and information that you will want to know. 

We advise to always go with a fixed rate as opposed to an hourly rate for the simple reason that most jobs if done properly, will take a little bit longer than anticipated from a company that takes extra care and precautions.

Information/Basic Facts Good Companies Will Require 

  • The date desired for the move and if there are any time constraints. Weekends are the busiest time for piano removalists. Your best chance for getting your specific moving date is to make your reservation as early as possible.
  • Both of the addresses where the piano is currently located and where you want it delivered. This information is required even if the piano remains at the current address after the task is completed. Is the piano moving to another house or being placed in self-storage
  • The make and style of your piano and if it is vertical or horizontal. You can view a quick reference guide on the various piano categories and dimensions. This data lets us establish the measurements and weight of your piano and what piano removalist equipment is required for the move. 
  • The dimensions of any doorways involved in the piano move. When necessary, doors and windows may need to be removed to provide adequate space for safe passage out of or into a room. We reinstall the doors or windows before we leave your property. 
  • If the piano is going to be moved to another level within its current location by the use of an elevator or stairs. If using stairs, tell us if the movement is going to be up or down the steps. 
  • When your piano is transported to a new address, tell us the names of the individuals who will be at the current and new locations during the piano removal.
  • The current condition of your piano, including any existing marks or damage. Our piano removalist will inspect the piano and note any scratches, dents, or other damage before moving it.
  • Any additional details about the current and new locations or any movement require that will enable us to ensure your piano removal is completed in a timely, efficient, and safe manner. 

A hand playing piano keys.


Additional Needs

  •  Storage: If there will be any delay between the pickup date and the delivery date. This time span means that your piano needs to be placed in storage and will need special wrappings to safely secure your valuable piano from any weather or temperature damage.
  • Piano Tuning: If you want your piano re-tuned when it is situated in its new location. Even if you have recently had your piano tuned, any movement can easily upset the delicate quality of its sound. Our proficient piano removalists are skilled in piano tuning.
  • Piano Lessons: If you live in the Perth area and want to learn how to play the piano, or are in need of a refresher course, we have the solution. We are able to connect you with one of Perth’s premier piano instructors.
  • Piano Rentals: If you need to have a piano available while you are waiting for your personal piano delivery date, we can assist you with that piano rental service. We will deliver the rental piano when needed and remove it when the rental period is finished.
  • Piano Disposal: If you need to have an old piano removed and disposed of, we have the experience and the equipment to handle this task. Moving a piano on your own is always a risky task. A piano can come loss from the moving straps causing damage to surrounding furniture, the floor, or the person moving the piano. We make the disposal process easy and stress-free.
  • Additional Furniture: If you own additional furniture such as pool tables; if then removal company is versatile enough, they may also be open to helping you move additional objects. 

Information that you will want to know

We compiled the following list of the most frequent information that our customers have asked about.

  •  Areas Serviced: Our piano removal staff is available throughout the greater Perth area as well as the surrounding communities of Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Busselton, Kalgoorlie, Albany, and Geraldton.
  • Insurance: We are an insured piano removalist company. This means that your treasured possession is fully insured against any damages that may happen while it is in our care. We value your trust in our expert capabilities and we strive to make every removalist assignment as flawless as possible. Our primary goals are to assure that the deliver your valuable piano is in excellent condition and to give you the peace of mind that you have chosen the best piano removalists anywhere in the Perth region.
  • Costs: Our piano removal rates are the most reasonable in the area. The precise cost for your personal situation will be determined on the simplicity or the complexity of the factors connected with your piano removalist assignment. No one likes surprises when it comes to paying for a service. You will know the cost of your move before we begin any service. We proudly stand behind our work and offer assurance for 100 per cent customer satisfaction.
  • Safety Precautions: You can expect a team of professional piano removalists to arrive for your removal assignment. They will be prepared with all of the required equipment and tools needed to safely move, transport, and deliver your piano unharmed. Your piano will be carefully wrapped and padded to avoid contact with environmental dust or moisture while being moved.
  • Moving Preparations: We ask that you move any furniture or other accessories out of the path needed for the piano removal before our team arrives. This will ensure that there is no accidental personal injuries or property damage during the movement.